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Green RouteGreen Route
Green Route
In this route you will find some of the most beautiful elements in the region bairradina. Firstly we have the beautiful Quinta do Encontro, a cellar of cylindrical shape that besides the beauty of its space and to produce high quality wines, it also presents a lush signature cuisine; Then in comes the famous Bussaco, represented in this route by three attractive: the Museu Militar di Bussaco, which holds a priceless collection relating to the Battle of Bussaco (weapons, uniforms, etc.); the Cruz


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Mealhada - Agosto na biblioteca 01 ago 2019

to 30 ago 2019
Mealhada - Agosto na biblioteca

Mealhada - Caminhadas na Mata 03 ago 2019

to 25 ago 2019
Mealhada - Caminhadas na Mata

AgroFitness 14 ago 2019

to 28 ago 2019

X Mostra de Sabores e Saberes da Nossa Terra 29 ago 2019

to 01 set 2019
X Mostra de Sabores e Saberes da Nossa Terra

Mistérios da Noite 30 ago 2019

Mistérios da Noite

Mealhada - MeaJazz - Festival de Jazz da Mealhada 06 set 2019

to 07 set 2019
Mealhada - MeaJazz - Festival de Jazz da Mealhada

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Points of Interest
Piscina Municipal de Águeda
Piscina Municipal de Águeda
Centro de Estágios do Luso
Centro de Estágios do Luso
Luso, Mealhada
Casa-Museu Bissaya Barreto
Casa-Museu Bissaya Barreto
Sé Nova, Coimbra
Parque da Curia
Parque da Curia
Tamengos, Anadia
Museu Agrícola da Vacariça
Museu Agrícola da Vacariça
Vacariça, Mealhada
CAR - Velódromo Nacional
CAR - Velódromo Nacional
Sangalhos, Anadia
Where to stay Accommodation in Bairrada
Alegre Hotel Bussaco
Luso, Mealhada
The Alegre Hotel is a delightful, intimate boutique hotel nested in the exquisite woodlands of Luso spa and the Bussaco national forest, a wellness...
Hotel das Termas da Curia
Tamengos, Anadia
A beautiful Resort with a Hotel, Thermal Spa and tree-filled Park.

We invite you to experience all we have to offer through your five...
Estalagem de Sangalhos
Sangalhos, Anadia
Estalagem de Sangalhos combines traditional hospitality with a very particular natural landscape.
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